School Bus License 4

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School Bus License 4 School Bus License 4 here is the successor to the second part. Here, too, you should bring the children to school without an accident or punctuality! Before you can take the School Bus License 4, you have to take a lot of exam. And believe me, the Dekra examiner is very strict. Play with the arrow keys on your keyboard and finish each test with success. We wish you lots of fun and success! Beware, this game 14MB very big, so a bit patience when loading. New day of tests to get a license by drivers of school buses. The place is very desirable so the selection is rather difficult: the examiner will put you to the test with a series of missions to be accomplished without making a single mistake. Go through the streets of the city, make up the kids to stop and bring the school bus to your destination within the time limit.