Super Cricket 3

Super Cricket 3 PLAY GAME
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Super Cricket 3 The game begins when you give permission for the ball to be released. Rock down, and make special shots to see shows of amazing fireworks! Super Cricket 3 is the most popular sport in the world after football, and we want to share with you this great game of Super Cricket 3 where you choose from the best international teams in the world, have won the global competition of Super Cricket 3 This game is a lot of skill because you have to drive very well with the bats you have to hit the ball. Win a game of cricket for your team! You can play as the main athlete for a variety of countries. Your opponent will throw the ball, give a pot on the ground and you have to hit the ball so that the sets as far as possible so that the opposing team can not catch it. It is very similar to baseball, the difference is that the ball before you have to take a boat to the ground. Have fun playing and winning the league cricket! Super Cricket 3 is a great cricket game. Choose a country and then select 11 members for your team. This is a great sports game for cricket fans. Enjoy Super Cricket 3 and have fun!