Final Fantasy Sonic X7

Final Fantasy Sonic X7 PLAY GAME
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Final Fantasy Sonic X7 Play Final Fantasy Sonic X7 game online: Help Sonic in his fight against Aeon then join Shadow and together, defeat the many traps of the forest. Follow Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as they try to defeat the villains in this combination of movie and game. Sonic tries to keep the sword and gem of Tails and Knuckles while they are seriously injured. Between segments of the story, play Sonic as he tries to fight his enemies. This turn-based game allows you to use Sonic attacks, magic, mana, and other special attack characteristics. Keep an eye on your HP and that of your opponent-you do not want yours too low! Use items like potions, elixirs, and ethers to keep your health and defeat your enemies faster.