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Run It is not known how this funny alien came to be here and how his incredible adventures started on Run game. His toles were stolen, or he himself decided to arrange a space 3D marathon. But one thing is clear: he is on the treadmill right in the middle of the universe and his goal is to run. Run, stranger, run! Jumping over the holes in the floor, so as not to fly into the open space. And if the distance is great, you can run to the wall or ceiling and continue the path to the goal. Choose one of three options a race with adventure, an endless route or create your own route and compete on it with your friends. And if it seems easy to you, you can always increase the speed of the game. Initially, you have three options for a man - a regular ball, with a backpack or in the clothes of a caveman. But with the passage of the levels, new suits will be opened for your runner, you can run in the skin of a dinosaur, or in a real cylinder. Although the schedule is happy with a simple and simple, this online game and a cute character fell in love with a lot of players, and the boys and girls will gladly run through the stars in a free minute. The rules of the game are simple: do not stop, do not fall, run!