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Piano Tiles 3 Piano Tiles 3 is a game based on music, especially on the piano, where you will have to tap all the black keys that will run on your keyboard without leaving anyone, possibly even in time to get a score as high! After downloading the game, find the download links at the bottom of the article, moving them to the settings you will realize that there is no Italian translation available but everything will be very intuitive so you should not have any problems. Advertising is not very invasive, indeed you can take advantage of it by watching videos to get diamonds, which can also be obtained by first accessing Facebook. Piano Tiles 3 offers the ability to play dozens, if not hundreds of tracks, that need to be unlocked getting a minimum score on the previous tracks. Other extra tracks have to be bought with diamonds (but also not taking them you will not miss it). The diamonds are finally affordable with the bonus times you get in the execution of the various tracks, according to different packages. The songs are really of all kinds, from great classics to modern and folk music. Once you've done the whole track at normal speed you'll have the chance to pick up bonuses, and at that point the song will start at very high speeds to get even more points. To play you have to use hearts, lives, starting from 30 and once used will regenerate every 5 minutes.