Monkey Go Happy 9

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Monkey Go Happy 9 The little Monkey Go Happy 9:Candy have come back from space, and this time it is in a world filled with sweets that they find themselves. Choose which monkey you want to embody, put a nice little hat on it, and the adventure begins! We will ask you to open your eyes because your goal this time will be to find the 80 candy hidden in the world. They are pretty sighted, so you should not have a hard time getting a good part of it. For the rest, it will solve some puzzles, help creatures or humans in difficulty to unlock new places. Hello the candy! In this new Monkey Go Happy 9, you are going to have to find the 80 candies that have been concealed all over the world. Observe the objects around you. They may be hiding one of your sweets. Some doors are locked. You will first have to get your hands on the keys, then unlock the doors. The riddles are pretty simple, as long as you memorize what surrounds you. At the end, your favorite little monkey should have found a smile.