Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush Troops of orcs and goblins are on your way to invade your Kingdom Rush game, hurry to install your defenses to annihilate them before they do it for you! Help King Denas strengthen the defenses of the city! You will play the role of a noble heroic warrior. Bring a battalion to Southport and stop the outlaws! Build all types of defense along the roads, as well as a guild for mages! Kingdom Rush is a game of strategy and defense. Build towers along the paths and defend your castle against enemies. Earn gold to improve your defenses. A beautiful game! This Kingdom Rush game is played with the help of the mouse. Press the space bar to cancel a current selection. Use your mouse to build towers on the path of these invaders: archers, soldiers or magicians, you have all you need to stop them from reaching your kingdom. When a tower is built, it can be improved (provided the gold is needed). For example, you can specialize your archers in poison or fast attack. By getting stars at the end of the levels, you'll get permanent improvements, not to mention special powers (like a reinforcement call)! Do not be fooled by this Tower Defense of Thunder! Take advantage of this to register your score and take part in the ranking of the players of! In the same line, we strongly advise Incursion, but try especially the continuation of this game, Kingdom Rush Frontiers! Info: This Kingdom Rush game has many graphic elements and can take some time to load, patience.