Jelly Go 2

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Jelly Go 2 Fun strategy game Jelly Go 2 where you have to eliminate your enemy by sending drops of blue water to leave you with no red liquid. Jelly Go 2 is a free online flash game in which you must save the red jelly from the attack of the green jellies. A game of intelligence and logic. Choose a good strategy, welcome allies and conquer all challenges. In this Jelly Go 2 game you will have to invade the enemy with your blue energy, but for this you have to send enough that surpasses that of the enemy, because this way you can get more friendly bases that support your strategy. Jelly Go 2 Use your ingenuity and your skills to save the red jelly from the attack of the greens. Defend the kingdom of Jelly from all your enemies in the game Jelly Go! Conquer the buildings of opposites and create strong to defend you, choose your way to reach victory.Decide quickly before the eyes come to invade you.