Cursed Treasure 3

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Cursed Treasure 3 Protect your jewels from vile enemies who have only one desire, to steal them. A classic defense Cursed Treasure 3 game that combines the powers of orcs, undead and demons. This Cursed Treasure 3 game is played using the mouse. Protect your cave from the attacks of enemies who have stolen your gems. You must prevent the attackers from getting out of the gems of the cave (if you lose all your gems, the game is over). Purchase defensive towers along the path of your enemies. Earn money by killing more enemies. When a tower has eliminated enough enemies (= harvested enough experience points) to be upgraded, the word "UP" appears above the tower. Click on the tower to open the upgrade window. The nest can be placed on the grass. The crypt can be placed on the snow. The temple can be placed on the rocks. No towers can be placed on the forest.