Strike Force Heroes 5

Strike Force Heroes 5 PLAY GAME
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Strike Force Heroes 5 Take on new missions, and proves to be a soldier of the Strike Force Heroes 5. Take your squad to glory killing the enemy. Shoot with your guns and enjoy all the frantic action of the run and gun. War heroes are ready for other missions. And you? Join the Strike Force Heroes 5 team and go to battle enemies that have occupied some warships. Sent squadrons of fighter bombers to attack and destroy your opponents! There are as many as 60 missions to accomplish. Strike Force Heroes 5 is an intense shooting game with over 20 levels to beat. Run, jump and shoot in deadly attacks. Unlock the two endless mode! The saga Strike Force Heroes already has a third installment: finally! In 'Strike Force Heroes 5' will have to choose your special forces team, unsheathe your weapon and overcome more than 60 missions await you in this excellent flash game. Customize your team members and their weapons.