Ricochet Kills 4

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Ricochet Kills 4 Discover a new sequel to the Ricochet Kills 4 series. Do you like precision games in which you have to think a minimum? Ricochet Kills 4 will fill you with happiness.
We do not get tired of this series of games. No rule changes in this new opus: in each level you will have to use your gun to eliminate the men in the hat, for that you just have to aim with your mouse then shoot with a click. Your bullets will ricochet on most obstacles encountered (not crates or barrels), and this is how you will find how to reach certain targets that appear inaccessible at first glance. Especially since your ammunition is limited. Be astute and you will see that the 60 levels (40 classic levels and 20 bonus levels) of this game are not that complicated.