Raft Wars 2

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Raft Wars 2 In the flash game War on the Raft, Raft Wars 2, you have to check the knowledge of ballistics. You have to defeat all the opponents in the face, guards, rescuers, and even the bananist team. Also on the way you will meet automatic systems of ballooning, and of course the usual bandits. To gain victories, do not forget to improve your raft and remedies by buying helmets and shields. And, if possible, buy special shells: grenades, rockets and triple charges. True, the amount of space on the raft is limited for them, but in some cases this is the easiest way to win. In the first part, the heroes found treasures on their island and were able to win a battle with pirates. Some of the treasures they hid and flew away to see the world. During their trip on the island built an aquapark and now to get to the hidden treasures, the heroes have to fight with numerous guards.