Bowman 3

Bowman 3 PLAY GAME
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Bowman 3 The second version of Bowman 3 game is waiting for you. If you love to play the archer, then here. The goal - to hit the archer in front of you. As usual, you need to calculate the correct trajectory of the arrow. To do this you must use the computer mouse, click the left button to make the tension and then release and the arrow fly. Call a friend to the Bowman 3 game and fight with each other. Here's a fun target game where you have to be really neat to drive all birds. Wield the bow and shoots arrows to pull off the shots in your targets. In addition to the single player mode you can use that for "two players." Dedicated to lovers of shooting with the bow, here is a beautiful Bowman 3 game dedicated to this Olympic discipline, which requires maximum concentration and good aim. Good fun!