Angry Gran Run 3

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Angry Gran Run 3 Our mad Angry Gran Run 3 Grandmother again goes to the city to punish the nasty gopas. This time my grandmother is very serious. She armed herself with a road sign, with the help of which she would teach the rotten gopis and take away all the money they had looted. Help the mad grandmother, everyone and everything. Try to always hit the target, otherwise the woman will lose her strength. On the money earned, buy new weapons, or bonuses. Bonuses will be able to increase the strength of your punches, add good luck and quickly restore the grandmother after another miss. If you see a policeman, in no case should you beat him, otherwise you will lose. Pass level by level and have time to invest in the allotted time. The range of new weapons is: a Christmas tree, a frying pan and even a jackhammer. With such a weapon, the rabid Angry Gran Run 3 grandmother will be invincible! Good game!