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Uphill Rush 6 The series of Uphill Rush 6 has not finished surprising us with its galloping races and means of transport of madness. Between buoy, dolphin and hippopotamus, the choice will be rough! Yes, you read a hippopotamus! In Uphill Rush 6, you will be able to climb on the back of a hippo to make your race of obstacles and your waterfalls repeat ... Original not? You will therefore have several circuits to go up and down by various means, starting with a buoy since, let's remind you, your course takes place on a gi-gan-tes-that toboggan connecting several pools! Use the arrow keys to steer your car and drive! You can do aerial acrobatics by pressing Space, a good way to get extra points for the final score. Do not forget to use your little turbo with the X key, nothing to boost your speed a good shot! Do not forget to log into your account if you want to be part of the ranking of this score Uphill Rush 6 game!