Super Mario Odyssey Demo 2

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Super Mario Odyssey Demo 2 Super Mario Odyssey Demo 2 will be an adventure game and platforms. It will take place in a new world, outside the Mushroom Kingdom. An open world with different atmospheres like Egypt, New York, Mexico, or forests, dungeons and strange decorations. Unveiled officially yesterday, Super Mario Odyssey Demo 2 promises to make your mustache friend travel. Indeed, his new adventures will not take place in the Champignon Kingdom, but in other very different regions, ranging from the city to the New York style to far more colorful worlds, going through a forest. A short video of gameplay was broadcast and returns on the movements of the plumber in this new opus. Some jumps, the climb and the trick is played. The hat throw is also put forward with the possibility, it seems, of leaving the cap of the plumber in levitation for a few seconds. Nintendo, for its part, has updated its official website and now offers a dozen captures for this game, visible on the second page of this article. What to discover some of the environments that will visit Mario.