Wormate.io PLAY GAME
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Wormate.io Ramp in the middle of the tempting treats in Wormate.io! This multiplayer wormateio game challenges you to eat cakes, sweets and biscuits to grow. You can go as fast as the other worms in order to trap them. Find potions to activate special skills and become the most plump worm in the arena! If you have always dreamed of eating all the treats you want it is now possible in Wormate.io! This is a multiplayer io game where you have to direct a worm that must eat candy, ice cream, donuts and all kinds of cakes to grow more and more. As in the famous Slither.io, your worm can trap its opponents by suddenly accelerating to cut off the road. Wormate io is therefore part of these totally addictive games that allow to play with other players.