0 vote, 0.0 / 5 Will you be smarter than the other players in this unique game? Build zones while creating paths and trap your opponents so that they will run into them. But you have to be careful. You will explode if you hit your own path! You like the .io games but do you find that they all rely on a repetitive and relatively similar principle? Then discover the Paperio game whose gameplay will get you out of the routine! To play, use the directional keys to direct your block of paperio and set out to conquer the territory by imprisoning as much space as possible. If you already know the principle of Pac Xon style games, know that here you will find almost the same. Head in such a way as to enclose a part of the playing space with the trace left by your block, this space will then take your color. You will be able to eliminate the other players by cutting their trajectory if the latter are out of their territory but attention, they will be able to do the same with you. You are safe only on your own space. Moreover, as in some snake games, you will not have to cut yourself off the road and collide with your own tail! The player who wins the game is, of course, the player with the highest percentage of territory.