0 vote, 0.0 / 5 Narwhale io is a game of the type of In this one you play a narwhal io game, it is a sort of whale equipped with a great point on its nose. You will have to survive in the arena of play while avoiding to be hit by the other narwhals that will cut you in two. It's really up to you to take precedence over your enemies and cut them in half. For this, choose the right trajectory, take speed, be concentrated and eliminate your enemies as you go. Become an animal that makes you dream, a narwhal, and fight against your fellows! In nature, things do not happen exactly like that, but in, you will lead a veritable open war against all other animals. Accelerate, then cut out one of your fellows using your horn. Watch your back, because the others will also try to cut you out. Climb in the rankings and try to win the king's crown. Things can change very quickly, try not to let yourself be dethroned!