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Gameofbombs Gameofbombs is a massively multiplayer free online game based on the arcade game Bomberman (Game of Bombs) and published by Hudson Soft in 1990. Based on its success, the Game of Bombs game has been focused on many consoles and computers. I am in retro mood this morning and this article falls rather well since it will talk about a new free game and open to all where you will be able to play directly from your browser on a game fully coded in HTML 5 so compatible of course on mobiles and tablets. If you have already created mini-games, you will probably recognize some of the sprites that were used to create Game of Bombs. Game of Bombs invites you to participate in a Retrogaming cure with players from around the world. This adaptation of course brings a lot of surprises with new characters or bonus example. Each game lasts 16 minutes. The goal of the game is to record the best score by exploding its opponents and collecting bonuses. Developed in HTML5, the game is playable on computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is a web browser compatible with HTML5.