1 vote, 5.0 / 5 Brains io is a surprising game in which you have to beat your opponent. Oh nothing dramatic of course since we are in a Brainsio game of the type of All the same, you and the undead army must make you traps and try to beat the other in a very lively multiplayer playground. Warning, the keyboard will heat with A new game comes to our website and this time all you have to do is pursue human if you are not one of them from the start. When starting the game, you will be a human and seek shelter in the time allotted and the first zombies appear. Locks the doors with stones, boxes and all the furniture of the house. You must be ready to survive the zombie apocalypse is about to begin. If a zombie touches you, you become one of them and then need to change sides and start pursuing those who were your peers. If a human being can survive for a minute, he will defeat his team. If, on the contrary, zombies get to catch all the human winners will be announced. Have fun escaping the zombies in this brainsio io game!