So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz

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So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz A somewhat entertaining game based on the Mudkip version "So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz". It was done to celebrate Scott's FNAF 4! Play So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz. And now examine your reflexes! There are twin animatronic games, including plush and trap. When the names appear on the screen, you need to click the correct word as fast as possible. If you click on the slow speed or the wrong one by mistake, your game ends instantly and you will go to the jump score. Especially when you follow your reflexes, the game is very difficult. Are you ready? See how many points you get! Did I like PlushTrapz? It is a challenging FNAF game created by a fan. The So I Herd U Liek PlushTrapz game can absolutely test your reflexes and see how fast it can be.