Freddy's Tantrum

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Freddy's Tantrum Are you ready to explore the wars between Freddy Fazbear and Jeremy Fitzgerald? Let's play Freddy’s Tantrum! The little bear is now to help defeat the bad security man! Due to 87 bites, the entire pizza restaurant was closed. Now, all toy robots are at risk because the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment wants to get rid of them. Jeremy held it and this guy brought his friends! Your mission is to do everything you can to control Freddy and kill Jeremy's armies. Do your skills, collect more weapons and gain your victory! A perfect FNAF game created by fans! Let's join the fan-made version and see how angry Freddy is! Because of the bite at age 87, the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment decided to destroy all animatronics and only protected old robots. To achieve this goal, Jeremy Fitzgerald was appointed to look after these robots, but he was not alone, he took his friends with him. But Jeremy is a terrible job, Freddy wants to make Chica feel worse after kidnapping. However, this does not make Freddy unhappy; Our bear is already angry and ready to fight against Jeremy and his friends. For this reason, you have to kill all your enemies in order for Freddy to take control and save Chica. Take the weapons, stick your axes to increase your strength. Watch out for the blood bar, if it reaches 0, the game will end. It's time to start a bloody fight! See how far you can advance!