FNAF World

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FNAF World The Five Nights at Freddys World team is creating a new free game called FNAF World with much more terror and will be available to play online from your computer and a mobile version in 2016. Get ready to play with all your characters Favorites! Scott Cawthon announced it had removed from Steam FNAF World: the spin-off ruolistico of Five Nights at Freddy's series debuted with moderate success, despite positive reviews, however, the author said he was not satisfied with his reception by the project and this has removed the game from Valve's marketplace. Do you dare to play with the animatronics of five nights in the world Freddy 's ?. In this game you have to guess the corresponding responses from each of animatronics, selecting the right answers, otherwise you will get a shock. It scares you these diabolical dolls ?. Play to find out !.