Five Nights Of Love v2.1

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Five Nights Of Love v2.1 In this adventure, Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNAF Dating Sim game you will have to collect enough money to save the power and end the night. Are you excited by another funny love adventure with a very cute animatronic? Participate in Five Night Love v2.1: FNAF, now you know the SIM GAME and discover a lot of new challenges. This fan-made FNaF flash game offers you another story to explore. No frightening elements of the game or creepy jumpscares at all. You will assume the role of a love fighter, whose mission is to improve the relationship between him and animatronic. Similar to Scott Cawthon's original FNaF games, you have 5 nights to reach your goal. You are equipped with cameras and you need to use them intelligently to check animatronics and to always hunt them around the building. Try to use a lot of ways to win, talk, hug, kiss, or even give them nice gifts. Be aware of your energy for each night, you can end the night to fill your energy. See how many animatronics you'll fall in love with! Have fun!