Super Smash Flash 5

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Super Smash Flash 5 In this fun as a hero you can assign any character familiar from childhood. In a cool toy Super Smash Flash 5, you will manage the actions of a smart Mario plumber, a blue hedgehog Sonic or Pikachu. Prepare for an epic battle! Choose any of 28 heroes, and you will have unprecedented opportunities to win! To begin the passage, first of all, drag the color circle on the superhero you want to lead. To fulfill the mission is possible alone - then click on the button solo. But if a friend looked in, it's much more interesting to pass all the tests together, sitting at the same desktop. In this case, do not forget to click on group. Unusual tasks, bright gameplay and a wonderful company - that's what the authors of Super Smash Flash 5 promise you. Check them for a word, or press the start button to see it personally?