King Of Fighters Wing 2.0

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King Of Fighters Wing 2.0 Back to the legendary King Of Fighters Wing 2.0, with many new features, many wrestlers and many hours of clashes last breath. Discover better effects than ever and more characters! You can now fight with Rugal Bernstein! Train to sharpen your talents and eliminate all opponents! King Of Fighters Wing 2 aims to transcribe at the most ready the fighting sensations of the arcade games of versus fighting Capcom and SNK. Find 15 characters from KOF Wing 2.0 to learn how to master the special moves and sequences of each. Also challenge your friends at home as it is possible to play 2 on the same computer. The tournament is about to begin, what to expect? Choose your favorite warrior and take part in the ultimate fighting game! Struggle and surprise your opponents with special moves, surprise hits and much more. Each character has its own unique characteristics, sbloccabili one by one to find the one that best resembles in style, challenge other warriors and become the King Of Fighters Wing 2.0!