Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0 PLAY GAME
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Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0 Welcome to our game page where you can play the game Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0, probably one of our best free Dragon Ball Z games. Dragon Ball Z is no longer present! Find all the heroes of the cartoon in this game of baston very well realized! Choose your character as Sangoku, freezer and begins fighting madness. Fight the new Dragon Ball Super characters in the Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0 against an enemy in two player mode or follow the story. The main goal is to decide on the player, because it is still to raise the energy and bring out the incredible power of the Super Saiyan God. Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3.0 is now equipped with new characters and new attacks. Interact your Dragon Ball series with the character of the series and attack the enemy to regain the magic Dragon Balls Shenlong. [S] You can play in two player mode, so your friend will not get you into magical areas and help fight, as thousands of enemies are waiting for you. You can also play the mode you need to fight in a single battle, or you can play tarihe if you want to, face dangerous enemies and face violence.