Anime Legends 2.6

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Anime Legends 2.6 Welcome to Anime Legends 2.6 game version. Wars between the characters in the series 7 dragon balls, Naruto and One Piece has no end. In this edition will welcome the arrival of the two characters and that's Pegasus Purple Dragon. Thus, wars will become increasingly fierce and brutal. Be ready for the challenge! The Knights of the Zodiac join the cast of Anime Legends 2.6. In this update, two new characters unpublished make their appearance. The iconic Seiya, the main hero of the Saint Seiya series, courageous fighter and Pegasus Bronze Knight will face other heroes from the Naruto, Dragon Ball or One Piece series. The second character added in Anime Legends 2.6 is one of the loyal companion of Seiya, named Shiryu, Bronze Knight in the Dragon's Armor. Who will emerge victorious from this titanic confrontation that is coming? Choose your favorite character and train to master all his power in combat.