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Game Details

Welcome Gameslin to the latest version of Anime Battle 3.8. In this version there are a lot of new players from the Anime world. The beautiful martial arts are very beautiful and powerful has also been updated. Does the appearance of these players make a difference? Who will become the highest player? Play Anime Battle 3.8 and find out! Compete in the biggest anime battle in the world! Anime Battle 3.8 presents more characters and arenas than ever before. You can customize the HP, the attack, and the speed of your fighter before each fight. Complete all 32 levels of Battle mode, or see how long you can last in Survival mode!

How to Play?

How to play game Anime battle 3.8

Your task is to defeat opponents in the battle to win.
Person 1: Use the keys A, D to move
S defensive key, J key attack / selection
The K key moves, the L key moves fast
U, I, O keys to toss
P key to adjust, press enter to pause
Person 2: Use the Left, Right Arrow keys to move
Down Arrow Key to defense, number 1 attack / select
Numbers 2 jump, number 3 moves fast
Dial keys 4, 5, 6 to toggled, key number 7 to adjust