Freeway Fury 2

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Freeway Fury 2 Jump from car to car on dangerous Freeway Fury 2 This exciting racing game has intense driving action. You must drive on the road as fast as possible. Freeway Fury If someone shows up on your way, you can hijack your car! Jump to other vehicles to maintain maximum speed! You're sick of the traffic jams! Drive on the freeway and get on the roof of your car to change vehicles. The more times you do it, the more score you will receive. Freeway Fury 2 Fed up with the morning traffic jams, this impatient driver will jump from car to car to get to work on time, from the outskirts of the city to the crowded streets of a metropolis. In this Freeway Fury game of cars you can give a hand to the driver to find the best "route" through the vehicles enjoying a privileged view of the bird.