Twin Shot 2

Twin Shot 2 PLAY GAME
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Twin Shot 2 Twin Shot 2 Dark souls have been infiltrated into the kingdom of the heavens and our catenary angels must take them down from paradise. Explore the platforms one by one and throw arrows at the wicked until there is not one left. You can invite a partner to fight them with you. A player will use the space key to shoot arrows and the other will use the game key for one or two players in which you must defend the kingdom of the heavens from the attack of the evil beings. Shoot arrows to finish them and on the walls to be able to go climbing.Twin Shot 2 game you will find new levels for Cupid-clad kittens to continue fighting evil beings that threaten the kingdom of the heavens. In single-player or multi-player mode, the felines will shoot their arrows, which are not exactly those of love, towards the monsters.