Snail Bob 5

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Snail Bob 5 Probably every living organism experienced a very unusual feeling at least once in life, which is called love. Today you will learn one very amazing love story, where the main character will be all the famous Snail Bob 5. One day Bob was walking around the night city, and passing by a bush he saw a billboard on which the most beautiful snail was depicted. In the same minute Boba pierced the arrow of the cupid, and now our hero fell in love with a wonderful actress named Malvina, and wants to see her as soon as possible. But only to find Malvina will now be very difficult, because the performance has long passed and where now the actress is not known. But our hero Bob is not a problem, because he will do everything to find his beloved. Only without your help, Snail Bob 5 can not do without. All you need to do is to accompany Bob while searching for his beloved. But it will not be easy, because at every step there will be a lot of dangers that can always separate our beloved. In the first level you just need to remove the beehive with the bees by pressing the red button so Bob can get to the exit. But in the following levels, you will need to think logically to clear Snail Bob 5 path from the traps. Be very careful and do everything to Snail Bob 5 love story ended well.