Red Ball 6

Red Ball 6 PLAY GAME
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Red Ball 6 Red Ball 6 is back for the fifth time, in an opus ever more addictive and fun. Once again, you will have to steer your ball and blow it up on the platforms. There will be pitfalls to avoid and enemies to challenge in each level, but most importantly, many stars to collect. Do your best to let none of them go, and go to the exit door to go to the next level. If you do, also open the treasure chest in each level. The Red Ball 6 still needs your help and you will give it a boost! In this new Red Ball 6 opus, you will have to roll the red ball and jump on the platforms to the exit gate. Pay attention to the many monsters that live in the area and try to eat you. Also open the treasure chest in each level to get a golden laurel wreath. Good luck !