Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 PLAY GAME
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Red Ball 5 Bounce and roll the ball in a world filled with evil squares and sharp objects! Red Ball 5 with amazing levels to collect the yellow figures in the trip. Stone rocks and boxes to reach the highlands. Attack bad squares! But is it a scare of a small Red Ball 5? Of course not! And here we go to a fabulous and dangerous journey through the unknown world. Your main task is to find all the stars at all levels. At each level there will be a certain number of stars. Try to do this until the time runs out and then the level is completely passed. Also, at each level there will be a bonus wreath, which is hidden in a chest. Find the chest, jump on it and get a golden wreath. On the way you will meet nasty monsters. Stay away from them and try not to get them by the arm. Dexterous manage the red ball and victory will be in your pocket. Have a good game!