Jim Loves Mary 3

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Jim Loves Mary 3 Jim Loves Mary 3 has long been in love with the beautiful Mary. This girl has long captivated his heart. Mary also loved Jim, but only recently the lovers opened their feelings to each other. When their families learned about this, they were categorically against the beloved union. In order not to repeat the fate of the infamous Romeo and Juliet, the guys decide to escape. Jim has Uncle Woodworth, who lives as a hermit in a remote forest, where no one will find them. In the game for two, "Jim Loves Mary 3", you can play with both characters at the same time or together with a friend. To pass the level, you must bring Jim to Mary. At each level there will be three hearts. To prove the love of the guys to each other, you should collect all three hearts. Go to meet love, beware of enemies and enjoy the game. Good luck!