Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber PLAY GAME
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Bob the Robber Not a particularly successful robber named Bob the Robber urgently needs your help! And although he tries to avoid companions in such a delicate business as stealing, but today is an exceptionally exceptional case, and you are a proven person who can be relied upon in difficult times. The fact is that our sorrow-thief decided to make a good profit and found the ideal place for this, the only problem is that the police station is just around the corner, which means that our hero has absolutely no right to make a mistake - any minor oversight will lead To imprisonment, and he will not have time to escape from the chase! But, if you enter the business, you can hope for an excellent outcome of the case, for there is no more such a wise tactician and cunning strategist who would find excellent opportunities for action even where there seems to be none at all! Help Bob to cope with the task, get rich in a couple and feel that drive from the sensation of breathing danger right into the back of the head!