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Zombotron 5 Zombotron 5 is a new opus off Zombotron. You thought you were done with all these zombies and could finally go home? You were mistaken as you prepare to take your ship to leave, you realize that you actually do not have any fuel. To fly and move is pretty annoying. So you're going to have to look for it. And the zombies are still there, carpet in the shade. Can you survive again? The zombies have not finished invading the world, unless you find the source of the problem Let's make a leap in time to the universe Zombotron 5. Your mission: find fuel to take off your ship to leave the planet. Move your character with the arrow keys, aim and shoot the zombies with the mouse, and finally activate the mechanisms (hoist, chest, distributor with the E key. You will get gold in Killing the monsters that inhabit the planet, this gold will be used to buy weapons and consumables: you will be able to obtain a medkit to treat you by using it with the key H. Will you be able to fulfill your mission and to place you On the podium of this score Zombotron 5 game?