Zombotron 4

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Zombotron 4 Zombotron 4 disembarks and announces itself as a new cardboard in the universe of free games. Remember you are a solitary explorer armed to the teeth and you will break the zombies to become sick. The quality of the production goes up a notch, expect to discover an ultra-excavated universe, surprises and adrenaline. You are alone in front of hordes of Zombotron 4 zombies, so when a machine to travel in time is incrusted in the story, it does not bode well! Ready to replenish for a new mission? You've come to a planet full of zombies and there are also many strange creatures. You must get out of there, and find your way back home, in this action Zombotron 4 game. Beware of appearances because zombies are becoming more aggressive, intelligent and ruthless than ever. Get above obstacles totally well. Of course, you have to be very careful not to let the enemy kill you. Try to shoot your way and get to the end of the Zombotron 4 game. It is a challenge, but you can certainly do it.