Temple Run Online Unblocked

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Temple Run Online Unblocked
The game Temple Run Online tells us about several curious researchers who are trying to steal an idol from a temple guarded by demonic monkeys. The player controls the researchers with simple gestures on the touch screen, and also with the help of the tilt of the gadget. The goal of the Temple Run game is to run as far as possible without letting yourself be devoured by demonic monkeys.

The game has no finish or levels; The meaning of the Temple Run game is to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles by jumping (moving your finger up), sliding (moving your finger down), or by changing the direction of your movement (moving your finger left or right). The game counts the number of meters passed, starting with the temple. During the escape of the player all the time, the monkeys are chasing. During the game, the player can tilt the gadget left or right to collect coins. Initially, the coins are only yellow, but in the future there will be more valuable red and blue coins, the cost of which is 2 and 3, respectively. In addition to coins, the player can also collect bonus items that appear randomly during the run.

During the collection of coins, the bar and "fresco" are replenished. Each time a player collects 100 coins, a part of the fresco is filled and the bar is updated. When a player stumbles, the fresco and bar are reset. You need to collect 500 coins to finish the mural.