Hobo 4

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Hobo 4 After a successful disassembly and long stay in the search for a homeless man peacefully resting under a tree. Three days later, our fighter, Hobo 4, gets into a fight again. This time he was disturbed by real military men with good uniforms, armor and a bunch of heavy weapons. Did the city authorities send an entire army to destroy one homeless person? After all, he did not touch anyone and did not want to fight. I'll have to fight against a whole army of infantrymen who have pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, grenades and even rocket launchers. Of course, our street fighter is already a success to learn a lot of new techniques and abilities, past tests helped him become a real warrior, strong and fearless. Despite its appearance, Hobo 4 is worth a whole army of military and even more. As before, show your opponents who is who, use vulgar and disgusting blows to scare and destroy everyone. After defeating a few military men, take their weapons and use it against them. And remember, you are a wanted criminal and in this city everything is against you, which means you should not show any pity to them.