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GTA 7 Commit crimes in the GTA 7 city and earn money like a real gangster! Beat the citizens and collect their money. Kill other gangsters and eliminate enemy factions. Perform various jobs in the city and render services for money. Become the gangster leader of the city! Play another version of Grand Theft Auto 7 online for PC. You will have 2 different missions to accomplish as in the great playstation game. Walking and taking you on vehicles and stealing as many banks as possible. Yes, the eyes with the police patrol the streets of the Saints. Move around the streets of Grand Theft Auto 7 looking for a new job with which you can increase your income and continue the adventure in an open world where organized crime is the order of the day. You can drive a lot of different vehicles and can act on your own decisions that will lead you to crime and organized crime. A great game that Queras not miss if you are a manic of GTA 7 San Andreas games. Below you leave instructions and tricks to play the game.