Ace Gangster 3

Ace Gangster 3 PLAY GAME
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Ace Gangster 3 You play the skin of a young Ace Gangster 3 in the streets of Metroville City, during a day of galley one of your old friend who runs a taxi company calls you. He is in a delicate situation, his company is on the verge of Bankruptcy and he no longer has an employee to run his business. He offers you a deal, you take one of his old taxis that remains to him, you go around the city to pick up a few customers, Money, and at the end of the day you share the money 50/50. This is the right plan but be careful, chase the natural and it comes at a gallop, you have to keep yourself and your client alive, do not kill anyone on the road and do not accident, keep the vehicle in good condition also. This city has a very high crime rate, it's teeming with cops! The police are everywhere and at the slightest false step they will be either to block you, or to duck you, so pay attention to your skin, even if you know that you are used to.